Dear Michael Greve,

I came to you one day, nearly one and half years ago, a long time ago – I was desperate and distraught, having recently had to give up my middle finger to osteomyelitis from a dog bite. My life was totally upset: my career as a masseuse was no longer possible, my agency wouldn’t offer me shoots because of the missing finger and as a foreigner without Australian Health insurance, I had entirely used up my savings.

I have been meaning to thank you many times. Thank you!

I have returned to Europe and recently begun my career again.

I hope this card will carry with it my gratitude and appreciation for what you have done for me.

Kind Regards


Michael Greve has been an important part of my life for the past seventeen years.

In that time he has made several integrated eye prosthesis.

Michael is a man who is very patient, considerate, kind and talented, I have enormous faith in him. I am very grateful for what he has done for me and my family over the years and I thank him.


Hi Michael,

… ‘The Foot’ is fantastic – many positive comments about the ‘realistic look’.

Thanks for being such a positive part of my journey.

Take care.