Orbital Exentoration

The most critical aspect of a orbital camouflage prosthesis is the feeling of movement. if made correctly both a spectacle mounted and a bone anchored eye prosthesis will have a 15 degree “sympathetic gaze”. As with a nose prosthesis the spectacle mounted eye will last longer and is less costly to produce, but there is no luxury of removing the spectacles separately.

A point to note is that even if the patient does not need prescription lenses the wearing of glasses is deemed prudent due to the risk of damage to your good eye. You only have one left.

Osseo-implant front

Osseo-implant back

Magnet and frame in place

Prosthesis in place

Eye in frame

Eye & Glasses

Eye on spectacles

Prosthesis in place

Osseo prosthesis removed

Osseo prosthesis removed showing magnets


This appliance is specially made to fit you exactly. Any pain when wearing or exudates from the Titanium solo frame should be dealt with post taste, as prompt action can often help in avoiding further problems.

The Prosthesis is made in a specific way and does NOT lend itself to home repairs. Any damage should be repaired before further wear. Failure to do so can render the prosthesis irreparable.


The three tools required are: a long shafted swab stick (non sterile,) 70% Ethanol and a soft brush, i.e.: “N.A.M. series 10” which can be purchased from any Arts Supplier.

Wash the EAR prosthesis in 70% ethanol 30% water, using the brush to make sure no foreign matter stays attached to the EAR. This should be done every 24 hours.

Before washing the EAR, smell it. If it has an unpleasant odour, wash twice a day and if the odour persists, please ring this clinic.

The bar work and skin around the abutments should be healthy and free of scabs. In the event of pain or discharge, ring your plastic surgeon immediately as prompt action will work in your favour.

DO NOT hesitate to ring me at any time as I consider this to be a very important part of your prosthetic service.