This website is designed to inform those that are in need of prosthetic camouflage more so than the general public.

(Photos have been used in such a way as to maintain patient anonymity).

I am unable to treat loss of legs or arms as they are to large for the techniques used to camouflage facial parts and fingers, I am also unable to treat intra-oral as it is a speciality in its self.

As this site is set up for existing patients as well as potential ones some information may seem confusing.

Facial Prosthesis

Facial prostheses are often required following surgery for eradication of tumour, amputation of tissue following trauma, or congenital growth anomaly.

Careful and detailed construction of prostheses will often result in a level of detail that reconstructive surgery  is currently unable to achieve.

All types of quality facial prostheses are individually  designed and constructed to the personal requirement of the client.

These include:

  • Ear
  • Nasal
  • Orbital
  • Hemi-facial

All methods of retention are available including osseointegrated implants.

Silicone Nose Prosthesis

Samato (Body) Prosthesis

Somato prostheses are often required for the same reasons as that of facial prostheses.

Quality prostheses that are  individually designed and constructed include:

  •  Leg melanoma defect
  •  Full / partial finger
  •  Full / partial hand
  •  Sub tissue silicone implant
  •  Nipple-areola
  •  Nasal stents
  •  Auricular keloid  pressure stents
  •  Scaphoid splints

Custom designed Sub-tissue implants including:

  • Pectus Excavatum
  • Pectoral
  • Calf

Silicone finger prosthesis