Finger Hand Prosthesis

Hollow shell silicone finger prosthesis are a successful solution to the devastating loss of a finger or fingers, being only camouflage the prosthesis is very deceptive and invaluable for the reassurance it gives to the patient.

The artificial finger is made of silicone elastomer with a hard acrylic nail. It requires at least five visits to produce and is labour intensive, from the initial forming and fitting, to fabricating, colouring and tinting to accurately match with the individual nuances of the patient’s skin colour and environment.

The prosthesis is able to be repaired as they are quite strong but need to be treated with care due to their exact fitting requirements. Depending on their care they can last up to 18 months.

Prosthesis can be from one finger to a complete hand. This does not include limbs.

Interstate patients usually travel to Melbourne for the working week, receiving the prosthesis by the Friday.

The prosthesis is covered by Workcover in most states, acceptance of liability from the relevant insurance company is necessary before commencement.

Multi finger prosthesis



Hand Prosthesis

Thumb Prosthesis

Completed Prosthesis

Completed Finger Prosthesis


Practical Finger Prosthesis


The FINGER Prosthesis is made of silicone and fits by the use of suction.


Try to avoid pulling the prosthesis on with tools or your fingers as a small chunk can be torn from the edge. A twisting action with a little KY Jelly works well.

Avoid using the prosthesis around strong dyes such as Beetroot, Black colours, indelible textas or “Betadine” (Iodine.) As these products, along with petro chemicals will affect the colour and/or fit of the finger. It is common for there to be situations when it is just not feasible to wear the finger.

The nail will take nail polish. Remove the polish using ‘Nail Polish Remover’ sparingly. If the nail is damaged, just keep the damaged Prosthesis in a safe place and please ring this clinic. It can nearly always be repaired. DO NOT attempt repairs yourself as invariably the prosthesis is further damaged, to the point of no return.


A flush with Meythylated Spirits on the fitting insert, with a soft brush once a day, will usually suffice. If not, again please don’t hesitate to give this clinic a ring.

These appliances take a little bit of getting used to, so please contact me if there is something you’re not happy with.