Consultation is one of the most important factors in providing successful Prosthetic Rehabilitation. It provides Mr. Greve with the opportunity of assessing and evaluating in great detail your individual specific needs. This is achieved by a very in depth conversation for which a  two way dialogue is very important .

The consultation is unhurried and takes as long as it takes! – there is no time limit – again it is important that you understand what the prosthesis can and cannot achieve for you.

Your consultation will include:

  • Detailed examination of the defect for any areas of sensitivity, or unhealed tissue
  • Any issues of paresthesia/sensitivity/neuroma
  • Necessary measurements
  • Suitability for prosthesis
  • Assessment of retention
  • Illustrated examples of similar prosthesis supplied to clients
  • An honest and realistic assessment of the treatment outcome, by discussion of the limitations and compromises that will be associated with any prosthesis.
  • An exact price quote for the cost of your treatment with no hidden costs. (Medical prosthesis are tax exempt.)

At your consultation you can be assured that you will receive the utmost professional care and attention based on decades of experience. If it is the opinion of Mr. Greve that he is not the correct professional for your needs, he will inform you as such and through his extensive worldwide network of professional colleagues, he will endeavour to connect you with the appropriate clinician for your needs.