Michael Greve

Prosthetist, Victoria

For over 30 years Michael Greve has been working as a camouflage Prosthetist at the Victorian Plastic Surgery Unit. First in Preston and Northcote Community Hospital from 1983 taking over as Laboratory Manager in 1990.

Following the closure of P.A.N.CH. in 1997, Michael moved with the V.P.S.U. to The Mercy Private Hospital, taking up a private practice in the St. Francis Building, 166 Gipps Street, East Melbourne.

He  has received a number of awards to further his study abroad, namely:

  • Winston Churchill Fellowship in 1984,
  • Annexed Queen Elizabeth grant in 1989 for the study of osseo-intergration through Perpetual Trustees.
  • Member of the International Anaplastology Association.

He has been constantly developing new techniques for finger, nose and eye production.

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